I use MediaWiki for a few of my web sites. I also work for the Wikimedia Foundation.[1] I really like working on MediaWiki code, and contributing to extensions. It's good software (sometimes annoying, but that's hardly unusual in software; at least with open source code, one can help to improve things).

I've experimented with moving to installation from Ubuntu package, but mostly stick to running from a Git clone (including for extensions). I think that it would be wonderful to be able to manage extension retrieval and updating with Composer, but that's not a widely-held view.

Tool: mediawiki-feeds

A tool to get RSS and iCalendar feeds of pages in categories. See for more.

Skin: SimpleText

A overly-simple sking for MediaWiki, in use on my wikis. It requires the Universal Edit Button.

On GitHub:

Extension: Genealogy

I maintain the mw:Extension:Genealogy Genealogy extension. It's the simplest thing I could come up with that gets around the redundant links between biographies on a family tree wiki. I'm using it on ArchivesWiki and there's a demo wiki on Toolforge.

Migrating to MediaWiki

Missing or required features:

From Piwigo:

  1. Export all original-resolution files to MediaWiki-compatible names
  2. Export their metadata to wikitext files using the {{photo}} template
  3. Upload all files with mw:Manual:importTextFiles.php

From WordPress:

  1. Export all posts to Markdown with the Jekyll exporter
  2. Use Pandoc to convert to wikitext
  3. Upload all files with mw:Manual:importTextFiles.php

From Flickr:

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